The Executive Team of Sika Brazil decided to replace standard gas vehicles with energy efficient hybrid vehicles. ​Sika Brazil also implemented a Green Car Policy establishing ethanol as a promising alternative fuel for their car fleet.

Ethanol Fueling to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Sika Brazil replaced gasoline by ethanol to reduce CO2 emissions of their car fleet by more than 90%. First, a Green Car Policy was developed and implemented to switch from standard fuel to ethanol. In a second wave the cars of the executive committee employees were replaced by hybrid or electric cars.

The fleet of Sika Brazil now encompasses 20 hybrids vehicles and 1 electric vehicle. Hybrid cars aölso run with ethanol. This saves around 30% of CO2 emissions when compared to conventional ones. For 2022, the entire project saved 300 tons of CO2 eq.

Ethanol is one of the most promising alternative fuels to be used entirely or in a blended form with gasoline. Factors like stringent environmental regulations and vehicle emission norms, depleting fossil-fuel reserves, and less CO2 emission from vehicles supplement the growth of the ethanol car market overall.