In an era where environmental sustainability and energy efficiency have become paramount for manufacturing operations, Sika Corporation stands out through its innovative approaches in two distinct US locations. Comprehensive efforts were undertaken at Sika’s Lyndhurst, NJ plant and the Propex facility in Chattanooga, TN. Both projects, though varied in their nature, showcase Sika’s commitment to optimizing operational efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting sustainable practices.

Sika’s Lyndhurst, NJ Plant , Smart System
Image: Implementation Team at the Sika Lyndhurst Plant, NJ, U.S.

Lyndhurst, NJ: Compressed Air System Optimization

In 2021, the Lyndhurst, NJ, facility embarked on a mission to overhaul its compressed air system. The goal was clear: enhance efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and cut down carbon emissions. Initially, the plant operated five compressors, with three earmarked for replacement. However, the Lyndhurst team aspired for more than a simple swap. They sought advanced, energy efficient models and a system redesign to align with current production needs.

Strategies and Outcomes
  • Efficient Compressor Integration: By selecting more efficient compressors and addressing system leaks, the team reduced the operational count to four compressors, with significant energy savings.
  • System Optimization: The entire system has been reimaged. Actions included removing redundant piping and fittings and introducing a Smart System to manage compressor run times based on demand, leading to further efficiencies.
Energy and Emission Savings
  • Leak fixes saved 208 MWh.
  • Eliminating redundant pipes and inefficient fittings saved 101 MWh.
  • Upgrading compressors saved 290 MWh.Compressor reduction saved 66 MWh.
  • Implementing a Smart Program saved 435 MWh.

Overall, the project saved 1,100 MWh and reduced CO2 emissions by 339 CO2e annually.

Expertise and Teamwork

The success of the Lyndhurst project was a collective effort involving industry and government consultants, along with a partnership with the University of Syracuse and the US Department of Energy’s Industrial Assessment Center. This collaboration ensured the plant not only met but exceeded its energy-saving targets.


Sika continues to search for alternative concrete reinforcement solutions that are safe, effective, sustainable, and promote long-term durability.
Image: Sika continues to search for alternative concrete reinforcement solutions that are safe, effective, sustainable, and promote long-term durability.

Chattanooga, TN: Expansion and Efficiency in Concrete Fiber Production

Propex, acquired by Sika Corp. USA in 2018, has been a leader in concrete fiber production since the 1980s. To accommodate growing demand and enter new market segments, Sika invested in an additional macrofiber extrusion line in 2021. This strategic move aimed at enhancing product range, safety, energy efficiency, and reducing waste and water usage.

  • Safety and Efficiency: The new line featured advanced safety measures and required significantly less electrical energy, showcasing Sika’s commitment to operator safety and environmental sustainability.
  • Reductions in Energy, Waste, and Water: The installation resulted in more than a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions per ton of fiber, a 21% reduction in waste, a 10% reduction in water usage, and a 28% increase in output.


The journey from concept to operational excellence spanned from 2021 to 2023, with significant milestones including equipment selection, factory acceptance tests, and final operational readiness. This endeavor not only underscored Sika's innovation in manufacturing processes but also highlighted its role in driving sustainability within the industry.

Sika Corporation’s initiatives in Lyndhurst, NJ, and Chattanooga, TN, exemplify how environmental sustainability and energy efficiency can be seamlessly integrated into manufacturing operations. These projects prove that with the right focus, investment, and collaboration, significant operational improvements and environmental benefits are achievable. Sika continues to lead by example, paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future in manufacturing.