Sika continues to implement energy efficiency projects at global level. One key initiative is the optimization of sand drying processes across Sika’s sites. At Sika Serbia’s Šimanovci mortar plant, sand of different grades is used as a main raw material for volume mortars. Wet sand is sourced from the Danube river, requiring sand dryers on the production line.

Sand dryer at Sika Serbias Šimanovci site

 In 2021, approximately 26,000 tons of wet sand were consumed in the production of mortars on Sika Serbia's Šimanovci site. To optimize sand drying in the production process, two inline moisture sensors (inlet and outlet) were installed in February 2021. This upgrade allows for the automatic adjustment of the burner capacity based on fluctuating wet sand moisture content.

In 2021, a natural gas consumption reduction of approximately 56,000 m3 was achieved compared to 2020, corresponding to approximately 107 tons CO2-eq (or 25%) saved. This result demonstrates the impact of proper in-line sand moisture measurement connected with burner control.