Sika is collaborating with Laval University, Québec - Canada, in the domain of shortcrete technologies. King Packaged Materials Company, acquired by Sika in 2015, has been working collaboratively with Laval University since 1995 to develop new shotcrete technologies for both dry-mix and wet-mix shotcrete. Still today, Sika is working with Laval University on solutions shotcrete related solutions and cooperates with the University to provide materials for mutually beneficial research topics such as AI Placement techniques and rebound reduction in dry-mix shotcrete. Laval University is a world-renowned hub for research and innovation.

Shotcrete Tunneling Mining

Over the past 25 years, significant shotcrete innovations, including improved equipment, novel mixtures, and chemical admixtures, have led to expanded applications in mining, tunnels, and more. These innovations have heightened expectations and quality requirements. Quality shotcrete depends on factors like airflow velocity, material proportions, and nozzle handling, with additional considerations for high-velocity pneumatic application.

Laval University's Shotcrete Laboratory, active since 1997, has been at the forefront of shotcrete research and development, emphasizing the importance of the placement process.