The first major solo exhibition of renowned architect Ole Scheeren has been opened in Karlsruhe, Germany, and presents a spatial experience of his sculptural architecture in large-scale installations in the museum’s tall atria spaces. Sika did support the exhibition with in-kind sponsoring and has delivered a substantial amount of SikaBlock® M450 and SikaBlock® M700N to facilitate the implementation of the exhibition infrastructure.

SikaBlock® model boards to visualize innovative architectural concepts and designs

Under the title “ole scheeren : spaces of life”, the exhibition, located at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, explores the concepts behind the architect’s designs and showcases the historical significance of his work.

Sika sponsored the exhibition with special model boards based on polyurethane and epoxy (SikaBlock® M700 N, SikaBlock® M450). These board materials offer all possibilities for the construction of design, styling, master and cubing models as well as various molds and other manufacturing tools. Sika has been working with Büro Ole Scheeren on projects like the Mahanakhon Building in Thailand and the appartment building complex, The Interlace, in Singapore. 

In the high atriums of the ZKM | Karlsruhe, visitors can experience an architecture exhibition that translates the sculptural character of Ole Scheeren’s buildings into a unique spatial experience.

Around 100 3D-printed architectural models line up along the approximately 42 meter long timeline. The models locate each individual project in time and space. The Media Dump invites visitors to experience the media reception of Scheeren’s architecture through the endless stream of social media posts and pop quotes. Through Augmented Reality (AR), visitors are transported into the urban spaces and the interiors of the buildings on the large-scale models. The exhibition offers a series of AR experiences that can be activated in front of the sculptures in the atriums of the ZKM.

By scanning the corresponding QR code next to the models, the building is embedded in its real environment and allows a glimpse into the interior and exterior spaces.

Exhibition ole scheeren : spaces of life