In the Chinese market, there is an increasing demand for flat roof refurbishment. The reason might be the replacement of old PVC roofs or the refurbishment of old metal roofs.

Self-adhered Sika Sarnafil Roof

Sika China recently launched the industry's first and only peel-and-stick PVC roofing membrane - Sarnafil® G 410-12 SA. This membrane provides all of the benefits of a Sarnafil® adhered roofing system, without the hassle of liquid adhesives. The adhesive release liner can be simply peeled back, and the membrane is bonded to an approved substrate.

The Sarnafil® G 410 self-adhered membrane (SAM) is the easier, faster way to install an adhered roofing membrane. This solution can be directly applied on many substrates, including PVC membranes. Sika China conducted extensive tests for this kind of application, and the solution has already been introduced in the US market.

Old PVC roofs: The traditional way for repair is PVC patching by hot air welding, which requires electricity and welding machines. For small repair areas, this equipment is often not available, so a self-adhered patch is an efficient and convenient solution.  

Self-adhered Sika Sarnafil Roof

Metal roof refurbishment: There is a significant need for metal roof refurbishment in the Chinese market. In this application, the Sika Sarnafil® self-adhered PVC membrane (PVC SAM) offers the opportunity for VOC free, efficient, and durable refurbishment. It is clearly superior to existing solutions such as liquid coatings and aluminum foil coverage. It’s no secret that VOCs from liquid adhesives can be an issue on certain types of jobs. By eliminating the use of membrane adhesives, the applicator also eliminates VOCs and adhesive odors from entering the building.  

The new self-adhered PVC membrane provides an easy and fast solution for old PVC roof repairing, by simply peeling and sticking on the damaged area. It possesses excellent mechanical properties, UV resistance, and durability. With the Sarnafil® G 410 self-adhered membrane, the adhesive is pre-applied at the factory, assuring a more consistent coverage compared to applying on site.

The Sarnafil® G 410 self-adhered membrane is ideal for any project, but especially for buildings which are sensitive to adhesive odors and fumes, such as schools and universities, healthcare facilities, office buildings, pharmaceutical facilities and retail facilities. Additionally, the G 410 Self-Adhered membrane is the perfect solution for high-rise applications where torches and open flames are not allowed.

Authors: David Wei, Angela Wei, TC Shanghai, China