Digitalizing R&D means using digital technologies to streamline and optimize research and development processes. It is becoming increasingly important in today's fast-paced and data-driven world. Sika has been digitalizing R&D processes to support and focus on efficiency, collaboration, data analysis, risk management, and innovation.

Transforming science with digital labs

Sika is leveraging the power of machine learning for R&D and applies advanced statistical experimentation techniques and machine learning algorithms to accelerate the learning process while structuring data to manage knowledge and make it available to Sika worldwide to participate in the development of new innovations.

The company Sika has started to implement “Nuage”, the company-wide program for digital labs. Nuage allows to work smarter, faster and unlock new
opportunities for growth and innovation. The program facilitates collaboration across teams in different geographies and enables researchers to conduct experiments and simulations using digital tools and technologies. These labs allow researchers to work remotely, collaborate with others in real-time, and access a wide range of data, software, and hardware opportunities for growth and innovation.

Driving Digitalization in the Lab

Luka Oblak, Project Leader Nuage at Sika, explains the Nuage concept and highlights its features.

Will Tashman, Managing Director of Software Provider for Innovative R&D Workflows “Uncountable”, gives insights into the predictive software platform.

Michelle Round, Head of Global Technology Center, Preston, Sika UK, reflects her experience with Nuage.

Gary Boon, Vice President Cementitious Technologies, Sika USA, reflects his experience with Nuage.

David Wei, Assistant R&D Manager, Sika Sarnafil Waterproofing Systems (Shanghai) Ltd. reflects his experience with Nuage.

Julien Chapelat, Senior Scientist, Central Research, Sika Technology AG, reflects his experience with Nuage.

Linda Leedle, Lab Manager R+D, Sika Germany, gives insights into her experience with the digital lab. Linda points to the significant impact of the Nuage platform on corporate culture.

Ramiro García, Technology Center Manager Spain, gives insights into his work with Nuage. Ramiro mentions that Nuage facilitates the work of the R&D team worldwide. 

Christopher Apeh, Lead Power Platform, Sika Informationssysteme AG, gives insights into data access and data management via Sika's global digital laboratory.

Stuart Croft, R&D Chemist, Sika UK reflects his experience with Nuage. 

Some benefits of Nuage:

  • Improved efficiency: Digital labs helps staff work more efficiently by reducing the time and resources required for experimentation, data analysis, and collaboration. By automating routine tasks and providing access to shared resources and data, digital labs can accelerate the pace of research and development. 
  • Enhanced collaboration: Nuage facilitates collaboration between researchers across different locations and organizations. This can lead to more diverse and interdisciplinary research teams, as well as new opportunities for innovation and knowledge-sharing. 
  • Greater accuracy: Research data is accurate and reliable, reducing the risk of errors and increasing the reproducibility of results. With Nuage, we can also provide real-time monitoring and analysis of experimental data, enabling researchers to identify patterns and insights more quickly. 
  • Improved access to data: Access to a wealth of data and information for Sika R&D staff that would be difficult or impossible to obtain through traditional methods. This can enable researchers to make more informed decisions and identify new areas for exploration. 

Overall, digitalizing R&D through the use of digital labs helps researchers work more efficiently, collaboratively, and accurately, leading to faster and more innovative scientific discoveries and technological advancements.