Sika has launched the new Sikalastic®-701, the latest generation of Polyurethane Liquid Applied Membranes for roofing applications. Sikalastic®-701 has been already presented at various roofing venues and it has been successfully field tested in Spain, Greece, Dubai and Malaysia.

Waterproofing for Cool Roofs

With the new Liquid Applied Membrane Sikalastic®-701, a new member is added to the Sikalastic® waterproofing systems. The Sikalastic®-701 is a high performance polyurethane/acrylic based hybrid top-coat, with improved UV resistance and excellent gloss retention. This particular top-coat is applied to enhance surface appearance as well as solar reflectivity, and to extend the durability of all involved Sikalastic® waterproofing systems. One major advantage of Sikalastic®-701 is that it helps to establish cooler roofs, encompassing the following benefits:

Sikalastic-701 applied on a cold roof in Greece
  • Reduction of energy consumption of air conditioning
  • Reduction of the urban heat island effect 
  • Reduction of thermal stress on a roof and material itself
  • Reduction of running and maintenance costs
  • Positive impact on global environment 
  • Increased efficiency of photovoltaic panels   
High Solar Reflectance

A further benefit of the new Sikalastic®-701 is that it is compatible with the existing  SikaRoof® PUR, i-Cure or Sikalastic®-612 (Sikalastic®-614, 618), as those waterproofing layers can be top coated - initially or re-coated - with Sikalastic®-701 for a longer service life of fully exposed roofs.   

Layers of Sikalastic 701
Image: Example of System Build Ups
  1. Primer: According to substrate
  2. Waterproofing system: Sikalastic®-702 (no reinfoorcement) OR Sikalastic®-612 (with reinforcement)
  3. Top coat: Sikalastic®-701
Highly elastic and crack bridging

Additionally, Sikalastic®-701 in RAL 9016, Traffic White has been tested for its solar reflectance properties according to ASTM C 1549-09 (Solar Reflectance), ASTM C 1371-15 (Solar Reflective Index) and ASTM E 1980-11. The initial Solar Reflective Index (SRI) at medium wind conditions is 112; 3 years weathering results are expected to be finalized in 2020. After determination of SRI after 3 years weathering, the product is going to be registered at the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC).