Sika and Saeki Robotics AG, Switzerland, have been cooperating for two years. The cooperation focuses on sustainable solutions for digital manufacturing.

Contributing to the Circular Economy

Thermoplastic polymers from Sika support the circular economy and are designed to be recycled and then used for further applications or for reuse of the recycled material in other products. This is where the Thermoplastic Systems team brings its expertise to provide the right materials for Saeki's manufacturing process.

The collaboration between Sika and Saeki Robotics is an example of how to achieve a high level of sustainability while increasing the performance of the material used for additive manufacturing.

Roy Z'Rotz, Project Leader Thermoplastic Systems, Oliver Harley (Founder Saeki Robotics) and Andrea Perisinotto (Founder Saeki Robotics) reflect the partnership between Sika and Saeki Robitics and address some success factors in their pursuit of performance and sustainability.