The highly sophisticated technology basis and know how in mortar chemistry   enable the formulation and design of all types of mortar compositions for different applications and projects.

"New cementitious solutions combine enhanced sustainability with high performance. The result: More benefits for our customer. The R&D process involves capturing, formulation and selection of ideas for new mortars, and carrying out research, analysis and development through implementation. " Luz Granizo, Head Core Technology Cementitious Systems

High Performance Mortars

Tile Mortar
Image: SikaCeram® Tiling System Solutions

Mortar has a widespread range of applications. It is a complex mix of mineral and chemical components designed specifically for different uses. From the technical point of view, mortars are a mixture of aggregates generally with a grain size of less than 4 mm - sometimes less than 8 mm, mortars for special decorative renders or floor screed mortar - and one or more binders, additives, polymers  and/or admixtures. Mortars with inorganic binders contain, in addition, water.  

Sika Mortars: More Value, Less Impact

High Performance Mortars
Repair Mortars
Image: Repair Mortars

Engineered Mortars (Coarse Mortars):

  • Grouts (general purpose & high precision)
  • Resin grouts
  • Repair mortars
  • Waterproofing mortars 
Building Mortars
Tile Adhesives
Image: Tile Adhesives

Building Mortars (Fine Mortars):

  • Tiling systems
  • Wall levelling mortars (plasters, skimcoats; inside)
  • Rendering mortars (façade; outside)
  • Insulation mortars
  • Masonry mortars
Industrial Floors and Self Levelling Under- and Overlayments
Image: Screeds

Cementitious Flooring Mortars (industrial or building)

  • Self levelling mortars
  • Industrial cementitious floors
  • Cementitious floor hardeners
  • Screeds
  • Marine mortars

New Developments: Advanced Cementitious Systems

Cementitious Systems

Special composite systems

  • Alternative binders and sands, bio-sourced aggregates for more sustainability (circular economy)
  • Optimized binder compositions for outstanding performance, enhanced  aesthetics, and easy handling worldwide

New technologies for mortars

  • Outstanding performance  
  • 1-/2-component systems for enhanced workability, user-friendly application, flexible handling, high water resistance, and vapour permeability 

Robustness, Comfort and Sustainabily

  • Ideal for any climatic conditions, manifold options of application, use of low CO2 binders

Optimized engineering properties

Grouts - Bahnhofstrasse - Zurich

Cementitious systems containing a balanced mix of organic and mineral components have received considerable attention. The reason for this can be attributed to optimized engineering properties when compared to the unmodified materials, e.g. tensile/flexural strength, toughness and durability. Additionally, these systems may be used as repair materials where a good bond with the existing concrete or steel is required. Sika develops hybrid composite  combinations for different needs:

  • Polymer-modified cement mortar (PCC), improving specific properties like addition of flexible strength.
  • Special treatments of fillers and additives in order to create dense matrix for a durable life-cycle.

Cementitious Systems