Sika’s sustainability journey shows the way to a consistent combination of sustainability and innovation. A pivotal part of this journey is the transition to partially bio-based epoxy resins.

Inovil Parking, Geschoss Blau

Embracing bio-based solutions

Traditionally, the epoxy industry has relied on "fossil" epoxies, but Sika is making a conscious shift to bio-based alternatives.  

The bio-based glycerin used for epichlorohydrin synthesis is a by-product of biodiesel production and primarily derives from waste oils, leftover cooking fats from large kitchens, rapeseed oil, and other vegetable oils. This shift not only reduces reliance on fossil resources but also paves the way for more sustainable manufacturing processes.   

Sika successfully produced flooring coatings with epoxy resins containing 28% of bio-based carbon. This commitment to sustainable epoxy resins not only signifies a substantial reduction in Sika’s reliance on fossil resources but also underscores Sika's unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility.  

Mike Byrne
"By integrating partially bio-based epoxy resins into our formulations, we prioritize both environmental responsibility and customer-centric solutions, to combine sustainability with performance." Mike Byrne, Core Technology Head Coating Systems, Sika