Sika has been a project partner of the InnovaConcrete project, a European initiative that was led by the University of Cádiz, Spain. The InnovaConcrete project focused on the development of innovative techniques to preserve concrete-based monuments. Within this project, Sika has assumed the responsibility to design product profiles and suitable systems/build ups to introduce advanced materials specifically designed for the conservation of 20th century cultural concrete heritage preservation into different exploitable business cases. Innovaconcrete has been an interdisciplinary a balanced world expert panel composed of 29 partners from 11 countries.

Sika Partnership with University of Cádiz

Sika has signed an agreement with the University of Cádiz (UCA) to cooperate in the domains of concrete protection, building facades, and industrial processes. The cooperation results from a successful partnership focusing on innovative techniques for the preservation of concrete structures. Now, the UCA and Sika bundle their knowledge to expand these technologies to further areas of application and to open new market potential.