Sika was awarded with the lundquist.trust Silver award for its content management in the domain of corporate communications. The jury evaluates the quality of communication, it focuses specifically on how well companies generate trust amongst their internal and external stakeholders. Together with Nestlé and Roche, Sika performed best in presenting the future of the company, achieving 88% of the section’s score.

lundquist.trust badge silver

The results of the analysis show that Sika puts emphasis on disclosures about its strategy, sustainability and innovation in its online communication, prioritizing specific business topics with a long-term perspective. The score reflects the engagement of Sika to showcase a particularly detailed sustainability strategy, as well as a page dedicated to concrete contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). According to the jury, the entire section is presented in a clear and user-friendly manner. In Switzerland, 37 companies qualified to be included in the lundquist.trust analysis starting from a sample of 54 listed companies.

Sika will continue to work diligently on building trust with its stakeholders and live up to their expectations in the future.