Sika has intensified the cooperation with the World Business Council of Sustainable Development (WBCSD ) in fostering the circular economy approach and establishing a common understanding of circularity indicators across industries.

Cooperation WBCSD and Sika

Product Sustainability: Sika collaborates with WBCSD to test Circular Transition Indicators (CTI) framework

Sika recently took part in the WBCSD’s CTI Chemical Sector User Group, an initiative aiming to test the Circular Transition Indicators (CTI) Framework and Tool for companies in the industry. Sika’s involvement in this initiative has demonstrated that circularity indicators can help companies better define products in the context of circular economy principles and complement the work in developing products which are more performant and more sustainable.

The full case study outlining Sika’s experience from this project can be found on the WBCSD website.

The WBCSD is a global, Geneva based CEO-led organization of over 200 leading businesses working together to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world by making more sustainable businesses more successful. Sika is a long-standing WBCSD member and is actively involved in the Chemical Sector Industry Group.