The packaging manufacturer Muhr & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, and Sika have been awarded the German Packaging Award 2023 for their sustainable concept of the latest generation of tinplate cartridges - MUHR TinKart - for silicones, acrylics and various other adhesives and sealants. The award-winning concept relies on a nearly 100% recyclable tinplate cartridge made from certified recycled steel, which contributes significantly to circularity and CO2 reduction.

Sika and Muhr receive German Packaging Award 2023

Recyclable tinplate cartridge made from certified recycled steel – Visualisation of prototype.
Image: Recyclable tinplate cartridge made from certified recycled steel – Visualisation of prototype.

Developed by Muhr & Söhne in partnership with Sika, the tinplate cartridges are nearly 100% recyclable when disposed of via the designated recycling routes. They differ significantly from the plastic and aluminum cartridges commonly used today. The better CO2 balance is achieved with the starting material by using certified recycled steel, whereby the CO2 emissions are significantly reduced compared to the steel production commonly used to date. In terms of recycling rate, packaging steel is the leader in Europe: 85% of tinplate packaging is recycled, in Germany even more than 90%!

Sika already uses tinplate with a balance sheet increased scrap content from certified recycled steel for tinplate containers in Austria, Germany and the USA.

Sika is committed to reducing its carbon footprint throughout the value chain, reducing waste and to increase circularity. Part of this strategy is to expand its range of sustainable and high-performance packaging and products. 

The German Packaging Award has been under the responsibility of the German Packaging Institute (Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e. V.) since 1996 and is also internationally established as a renowned and largest showcase of achievements in packaging in Europe.      

About Muhr & Söhne 

Muhr & Söhne GmbH & Co.KG is a specialist for packaging made of steel and tinplate. On a production area of over 50,000 m² with more than 20 production lines, the company manufactures containers in 12 different nominal diameters for filling quantities of 1 to 250 litres and employ around 240 people at three production sites in Attendorn and Ohrdruf (Germany).