Sika has been honored with the 2023 Energy Globe Award, for its innovative water management program in Brazil and its impactful community engagement efforts in Switzerland. The ceremonies were held on January 22, 2024, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and on January 24, 2024, in Sarnen, Switzerland.

In Brazil, Sika has set a new benchmark for sustainable business practices with its circular economy model. The company has lowered its freshwater consumption by treating rainwater and recycling process water in its manufacturing processes. This project was carried out at three production sites in Brazil, resulting in a 10% reduction from the overall Sika Brazil's water consumption, which comprises 16 plants around the country. Sika plans to implement this model at other sites in Brazil.

Sika's commitment to sustainability and innovationis key to its entire strategy, which emphasizes the appropriate use of natural resources. Sika Brazil's focus on comprehensive water management, waste management, and energy management demonstrates the company's long-standing dedication to sustainable practices.

This follows in the footsteps of Sika Colombia, which was honored with the same award in 2022 for a similar sustainability initiative.

Romeu Martinelli, General Manager Sika Brazil
"We are proud to champion the circular economy focusing on water reuse, and recognizing the vital role of net zero in shaping a sustainable future. The Energy Globe Award Brazil 2023 showcases our commitment to innovative environmental solutions for a greener world." Romeu Martinelli, General Manager of Sika Brazil
Sika awarded the 2023 Energy Globe Award in Brazil
Image: Sika awarded the 2023 Energy Globe Award in Brazil

Globally, Sika's focus on sustainability extends beyond environmental initiatives. The company’s active community engagement program, which supports nearly 600 projects worldwide, highlights its dedication to making a positive global impact. For example, the Sika team in Sarnen, Switzerland, has been recognized for its efforts in education and sustainable construction solutions, earning it the Energy Globe Award Switzerland 2023. Through youth engagement projects, Sika aims to inspire the next generation with impactful innovations and cutting-edge technologies, such as 3D concrete printing.

"Sika’s community engagement projects highlight our dedication to knowledge, sustainability, and innovation. By actively engaging with the younger generation, we aim to cultivate a future workforce that is aware of the challenges posed by climate change, while also equipping them with knowledge about possible solutions." Christoph Faeh, Corporate Technology Head Thermoplastic Systems at Sika
Sika awarded the 2023 Energy Globe Award in Switzerland
Image: Sika awarded the 2023 Energy Globe Award in Switzerland

The Energy Globe Award Award is an initiative of the Energy Globe Foundation based in Austria. This award recognizes projects that focus on energy efficiency, sustainability, and the effective use of renewable energy. With more than 3,000 projects submitted in 2023 alone, the award shines a spotlight on innovative solutions for environmental challenges and promotes the replication of these initiatives worldwide.

Sika’s dual recognition at the Energy Globe Awards underlines the company’s ongoing success in sustainability and innovation, setting a global example for environmental responsibility and community engagement.