Sika aims to be a driver of the transformation of the Construction and Manufacturing industry towards Net Zero. That’s why the company supports the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) and joined the growing group of leading corporations that are setting emissions reduction targets in line with what climate science says is necessary. By doing so, Sika recognizes the crucial role companies can play in minimizing the risk climate change poses to the future of our planet.

Sika's way to net zero

Sika commits to Net Zero by no later than 2050

The motto of Sika Capital Markets Day 2022, is “Our Path to Net Zero”. Sika’s management team outlines the strategy that allows the company to maintain a high level of growth while achieving its net zero targets by 2050. 

Sustainability has been a key factor in Sika’s corporate strategy for over a decade. With its powerful capacity for innovation, Sika develops a range of sustainable solutions for the construction industry, as well as industrial applications for the automotive and other industries. The company is focused on innovating in a very targeted manner in order to achieve its net zero objectives.