On December 1st, 2023, Sika hosted the Sustainable Packaging Challenge Europe, showcasing groundbreaking solutions that align with the company's commitment to sustainability.

Sustainable Packaging Challenge Europe 2023

Sika Sustainable Packaging Challenge Europe 2023

At the event in Zurich the finalists, who were previously chosen amongst 20 submissions by Sika experts from various teams, came together to showcase their sustainable packaging innovations. The five finalists were warmly welcomed by Sika representatives and, after a comprehensive introduction covering details of the Sika Strategy 2028 and the strategic pillar “Innovation & Sustainability”, the five finalists presented their proposals in the areas of unipacks, plastic cartridges, plastic pails, steel drums, and aluminum cartridges. 

The event highlighted Sika's dedication to combine  sustainability, feasibility, and affordability in packaging solutions. The winner of the challenge was Jokey , a family-owned packaging company based in Germany, and one of the world's largest manufacturers, innovators, and technology leaders in the field of rigid plastic packaging who has also been a pioneer in sustainable packaging for more than 30 years. Jokey stood out for its highly sustainable solution which not only includes PCR buckets and lids, but also forward-thinking initiatives like the Digital Product Pass and its ability to contribute to future circular packaging concepts, as proposing re-collection programs.

The  winner was selected by evaluating the following criteria: sustainability, affordability, feasibility, logistical and operational efficiency, and marketability, and received a 3D printed trophy, which was produced in house at Sika’s digital lab in Zurich. The trophy was made from recycled plastic including wood fibers.

Sika’s search for innovative packaging solutions underscore its commitment to reducing its environmental impact, fostering a sustainable future through creative and practical packaging alternatives. The Sustainable Packaging Challenge Europe 2023 reflects our continuous pursuit of excellence in environmental responsibility and innovation.