When it comes to building mutually beneficial relationships, there is no better way than to seek out ways to demonstrate values and principles through actions. This is true for Sika employees as well as for customers, suppliers and distributors. Partnering on aligned values creates a relationship of respect, longevity and growth.

Partnership with Key Distributor

For Australia in 2022, Sika teams craved and sought-after ways where they could do something as a team that was meaningful to communities that would have been and continue to be affected by the Global Pandemic. 

When tasked with coming up with a team activity the distribution sales team decided to to partner with their Key Distributor Bunnings across Australia for a day of community support and christmas spirit. The Sika team in the area New South Wales (NSW) dedicated their time with Bunnings Leppington.  

Sika Australia staff supporting the NDIA, the National Disability Insurance Agency
Image: Sika Australia staff supporting the NDIA, the National Disability Insurance Agency

Support of National Disability Agency

Sika supports the NDIA, the National Disability Insurance Agency, which is tasked with increasing the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of Australians with a significant and permanent disability and their families and carers. Together with the “Red Shirts” (an endearing term of Bunnings employees) Sika staff volunteered at the Christmas Ornament Making Day and made sure that the NDIS special needs clients had a great day. The Sika Team reported back that it was such a rewarding experience.

Regional Manager Asia/Pacific
"This project is a further example of excellent teamwork and partnership with key customers and organizations in Australia to drive strong community engagement." Mike Campion, President & CEO Region Asia Pacific and Member of Group Executive Board
Sika Australia staff collaborates with Murri Watch
Image: Sika Australia staff collaborates with Murri Watch

Collaboration with Murri Watch to help the most disadvantaged in the community

The states of Queensland (QLD) and Victoria (VIC) decided to get their hands dirty and teamed up with organisations that needed some work on their community gathering spot that provides a safe, clean, and peaceful environment for learning and connections to be made.

The QLD organisation of Murri Watch – owned by the community, for the community - provides a safe refuge for their vulnerable community.  It was established in 1991 as an optionfor intoxicated and homeless people that find themselves in the hands of the law. Instead of being held in custody, Murri Watch served as a bed, shower and meal as well as supporting communication between family and the police, should it be required.

The entry to the facility needed landscaping to clean up and make it more inviting, so the Sika QLD team got to work and cleared away debris and dirt as well as building a block wall retainer for new greenery to be planted. This allowed easy access to a manhole that was required, and also the general clean up and garden made the facility more welcoming and access easier to the letterbox, all contributing to a more homely, cared for facility to welcome those who needed to be there.

Sika team refreshing bathrooms and the main kitchen of a community center
Image: Sika team refreshing bathrooms and the main kitchen of a community center

Partnering with Key Distributor to refurbish encounter and meeting spaces

Sika staff in Victoria helped to refurbish a safe and welcoming sanctuary for people to connect, build new friendships and learn skills.  The Sika team was there to refresh the main kitchen, coffee kiosk and common toilet areas by removing old stained and in some cases mouldy silicone and refreshing with Sika kitchen & bathroom silicone.  The Victorian sales team collaborated with Bunnings Port Melbourne store to identify the project, Narelle from The Well welcomed the support. The space is provided by Salvation Army and can be used regardless of faith.

The distribution customer "Bunnings" was also attending on the day to complete work in the garden.  The Sika team stayed on to assist with the additional work. This project assisted about 100 people. The Sika team felt both proud and humbled after participating in the community event.