Sika has joined the fight against coronavirus. From producing and donating our own hand sanitizer to employees and local healthcare facilities, to distributing protective gear, Sika’s global subsidiaries have been working tirelessly to support their local communities. We would like to thank all our employees for their hard work and commitment during these challenging times.

Sika Switzerland

Hand sanitizer donations to local healthcare facilities

Sika Switzerland has produced its first 1000 liters of hand sanitizer which is being donated and distributed to small local hospitals and retirement homes, as well as the blood donation service. Sika continues to ramp up the production of disinfectant in an effort to support those in need in the crucial weeks to come.  

Sika donates protective equipment

Due to the very rapid spread of the coronavirus, the need for protective equipment has increased dramatically. Since many Sika employees are now working from home, Sika Switzerland has distributed its own protective clothing, including overalls, masks, gloves, goggles and hand disinfectant, to Spitex home care and doctors' surgeries.

Protecting our employees

The health of our employees is of the utmost importance, and Sika Switzerland are busy producing and distributing hand sanitizer for their employees in accordance with WHO regulations.

The disinfectant, which is produced in Sika’s Zurich factory, is being filled and distributed in handy 50 ml containers.

Sika USA

Hand sanitizer donations to local first responders

Sika Operations Teams across the United States are working together to produce, fill and ship thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer to be used to protect its employees and donated to first responders.

3D printing of protective face shields

The availability of protective gear is essential to our employee health and safety. Amid the overwhelming need for personal protective equipment (PPE) within the US healthcare system, there have been widespread shortages of PPE for essential businesses. In order to keep our operations employees supplied with the necessary PPE, Sika R&D teams across the US utilized several 3D printing machines to create face shields that are now being distributed to Sika facilities throughout the US.

Sika Germany

Hand sanitizer donations to local healthcare facilities

Sika employees in Bad Urach, Germany, produced their first batch of hand sanitizer and plans to drastically increase production over the coming weeks. Aside from providing sanitizer to their employees, Sika Germany is also donating a significant amount to hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and voluntary fire brigades. This is their way of supporting health care workers and giving back to the community.

Patch of hand sanitizer produced by Sika in Germany

Sika Thailand

Hand sanitizer produced by Sika Thailand according to WHO regulations
Image: Hand sanitizer produced by Sika Thailand according to WHO regulations

Hand sanitizer donations to local hospitals

In an impressive effort, Sika Thailand has produced over 10,000 liters of hand sanitizer according to WHO standards. The sanitizer has been donated to eleven different hospitals all over Thailand to help minimize the impact of the pandemic and ease the burden on the country’s health care system.