Sika engages with the non-profit organization Vidawasi and supports the Construction of a Hospital for Peruvian children and young people who suffer from complex diseases and childhood cancer.

Strong Partners - Sika and Vidawasi

Sika is supporting the construction of a hospital in the city of Urubamba, Cuzco. This is the First Hospital for Specialized Pediatrics and Childhood Cancer in Peru. The hospital has the purpose of generating a genuine decentralization of pediatric health care, and its vision is to be a leading social organization in South America, promoting and convening pediatric health care through a wellness community. The commitment of Sika Peru is part of the Sika Cares program, a scheme dedicated to fostering commitment engagement in all parts of the world.

Dedicated to save and improve lives of children and young adults

Sika Contributions to Vidawasi Hospital

  • Visits on behalf of Sika Peru's management staff helped define what was the most important support that the project needed. 
  • With more than 100 years of experience, technical advice is a service that Sika always provides to its clients, it is a differentiator that is granted because they need and value it. 
  • For this project in particular, Sika staff is involved in specifying the hospital environment with the aim of achieving resource efficiency and obtaining the best infrastructure for the children who will be treated free of charge in this hospital. 
  • Sika donates technical products, for example its Sika ComfortFloor® flooring solutions.
  • Technical support during the construction phase• Open volunteering for hospital support activities and trainings for the community later on

Specialized care for children who suffer from complex diseases and childhood cancer

In Peru, there are approximately 1,800 new cases of childhood cancer; 69% are diagnosed in late stages. 18% of children cared drop out the treatment, due to economic and geographic barriers. 72% of Peruvian families do not access specialized services outside of Lima, and there is a demand for care of more than 800 thousand children, only in the southern part of our country. Vidawasi, founded in 2013, already has become a leading social organization in South America that enables and promotes pediatric health care.

Dr. Jesus Dongo, Foundor of the Vidawasi organization

Child benefiting from the Vidawasi organization