Minimizing site waste in roof refurbishment

Metro Center UK

Upgrading the thermal performance of existing buildings is an ideal way to save energy and comply with UK building regulations. A thermal upgrade can be easily achieved by installing additional insulation over the existing substrate and covering it with a Sika roofing system. By using the existing buildup as a base for the new system, you benefit froḿ́

  • Reduced carbon costs of the roofing system
  • Reduced waste because the existing system remains in situ and need not be removed (stripped out)
  • Minimal disruption to the operation of the building during installation
  • A cost-effective method of increasing the design life of the building’s roofing system

Sustainable Solutions

More Value

Customer: Intu Properties plc. owns some of the very best shopping centers in the strongest locations in the UK. The Intu Environmental Policy states that a responsible and forward-looking approach to environmental issues is an important factor in Intu’s continuing success in the UK property industry.

Project: Refurbishment of the MetroCentre (20,000 m²) in Gateshead, UK.

Requirements: Intu MetroCentre sought a cost-effective refurbishment solution, including a thermal insulation upgrade, that could be installed fast and easily.

Sika Solution: The customer decided to specify SikaRoof® MTC 18 liquid-applied membrane / Sikatherm® PIR GT 40 mm to overlay and upgrade the existing felt roofing system to increase the thermal efficiency of the building and minimize waste to landfill.

Sika Sustainability Approach: Providing a solution that contributes to the customer’s eco-efficiency strategy of reducing its energy use and carbon footprint, complying with UK building regulations.

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