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The future of adhesives, sealants and flooring demands a higher standard - products that continue to outperform alternative technologies, while contributing to a better working environment for every user. Thanks to Purform®, a new era of polyurethane performance is here today.

More Performance with Less Exposure


For decades, polyurethane sealants, adhesives and floors have enabled the highest levels of performance, pushing beyond the limitations of silicones and SMPs in many industrial and construction applications. With Purform®, Sika is raising the standard yet again.

How so?
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Engineered to remove diisocyanate monomer content, Purform® adhesives, sealants and floor products deliver all the benefits of industry-leading polyurethanes, with less than 0.1% monomeric diisocyanate for better health protection and occupational safety. Purform® is the foundation for a new generation of best-in-class Sika products that perform stronger, last longer, and meet tomorrow's health and safety needs. All so you can seal, bond, and protect with the highest levels of safety and performance today – and for decades to come.

Polyurethane Reinvented

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Compared with alternative sealant and adhesive technologies such as Silane Modified Polymers (SMP), silicones, acrylic dispersions, or polysulfides, Purform® polyurethanes offer the ideal balance of both mechanical and health and safety properties.

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Purform® takes these advantages even further, reinventing polyurethane to make an industry-leading adhesive, sealant and flooring technology even better. Sika’s full control of production from the pre-polymer to the final composition allows for unique combinations of features in our Sikaflex®,  SikaBond,  SikaTack®, SikaMelt® and Sikafloor® adhesives, sealants and floor products. The result is a fast-growing selection of products offering enhanced application-specific benefits, together with less than 0.1% free monomeric diisocyanate content, thus eliminating the need for specific REACH health and safety training.

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Proven Performance Overall

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Only polyurethanes can meet high strength and modulus specifications as required in the automotive industry.



Icon Flexibility

Polyurethanes provide higher elongation at low stress and a better recovery rate than SMP solutions. They are indispensable for long-lasting building envelope waterproofing.

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Polyurethanes have excellent resistance to environmental impacts such as humidity, chemicals, and mechanical impacts, and can be formulated to be highly resistant to UV weathering.

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Increased durability by preventing leaking joints, altered substrates and debonding from staining and cracking.*

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Work Safety

Purform® sealants, flooring and adhesives contain ultra-low levels of monomeric diisocyanate, thereby reducing workers’ exposure to chemicals and eliminating the need for REACH diisocyanate health and safety training.


*Applies to specific products only

Purform® - The New Polyurethane Performance

Purform® is Pure

Purform® pre-polymers enable the production of high-performance products with ultra-low diisocyanate content. Purform® products therefore reduce user exposure to an absolute minimum while eliminating the need for specific REACH health and safety training.

Unlike silicones or SMP products, PU sealants and PU adhesives produce no emissions of critical materials such as methanol while curing.

Purform® is Polyurethane

Purform® is a high-performance polyurethane. The unique combination of hard and soft segments in its polymers creates high-strength adhesives, ideal for use in the automotive industry, as well as highly flexible sealants that can be tailored for construction.

In both cases, products are more durable and long-lasting, even in harsh environments.


Purform® is Performance

As a manufacturer covering the complete production chain from pre-polymer to final product composition, Sika can design products to meet specific requirements, such as non-staining, non-cracking, or non-yellowing sealants as well as for direct adhesion to specific substrates.