One of concrete's most significant advantages is its wide range of possibilities for placement and use.

Mixes which were previously a challenge - such as underwater concreting, creating pumpable mixes, increasing surface quality and aesthetics, or creation of low-strength flowable fill at an economical price point - are all easily addressed with Sika. Through our innovative products, Sika provides value to concrete producers, contractors, and ultimately the owner.

Solutions from Sika

Sika solutions include not only admixtures and additives, but also a range of concrete surface treatment and enhancing compounds. Products like mold release agents, curing compounds and surface retarders complete the collection. Concrete auxiliary products are an essential part of Sika’s concrete solutions. Although they are not mixed into the concrete, they are required to fulfil high concrete requirements.

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Considerations for Product Selection

Sika® Separol® formwork release agent on concrete on Sika construction site removed from formwork

Remember to consider the following key points when choosing concrete surface treatment and enhancing compound products:

Are biodegradable materials being considered?
Is there a local regulation to be followed?
Weather conditions such as ambient temperature and humidity during application may have an influence on the products’ performance.
The type of mold material (e.g. timber, steel) must be considered before choosing mold release agents.
The concrete mix design is very important to consider before defining accessory products.
The time for application and removal of products has a high influence on performance.
Make some pretests before the final application, in order to get the best results.

A Range of Products to Enhance Your Concrete Surface

             Man spraying Sika® Separol® formwork release agent on wood on construction site
Formwork Release Agents

Sika® Separol®

Man applying Sika® Antisol® curing compound on concrete on construction site with reinforcement
Spraying to expose aggregate on concrete surface using surface retarder

Formwork Release Agents - Sika® Separol®

Man spraying Sika® Separol® formwork release agent on concrete on construction site

The unique feature of concrete among all construction materials is its ability to take almost every shape and keep that shape with constant material properties for an extremely long time. The dimensions of that shape are given by the formwork into which the concrete is cast. One of the challenges within the concrete construction process is to prevent adhesion of the hardened concrete on the formwork, while ensuring it remains durable and easy to clean.

By applying the right mold release agent - Sika® Separol® - it leads to smooth, dense concrete surfaces with improved durability and aesthetic appearance. It can be used in construction site cast-in-place concrete applications or precast concrete.


Sika® Separol® formwork release agent on concrete on construction site removed from formwork
By using Sika® Separol® technologies, you can:
  • Achieve concrete surfaces with high aesthetic requirements
  • Reduce void formation
  • Gain uniform color in the concrete surface
  • Have no adverse effect on surface quality
  • Ensure clean release with no damage to formwork
  • Have no effect on concrete setting
  • Ensure formwork longevity - no corrosion or premature aging
Products and technologies
Product Group Technology Usage
Sika® Separol® F range Full-oil

All construction site applications and precast concrete

Wherever immediate use of formwork is essential

Sika® Separol® S range Solvent-based

Enhanced concrete surface appearance

All kinds of concrete construction applications

Sika® Separol® W range Water-based emulsion

Improved release power, fast and easy application

For fair-faced concrete surfaces

High aesthetic requirements

Benefits of Emulsion Formwork Release Agent - Sika® Separol® W

Better aesthetic concrete surfaces

High pore suppressing


Suits inside precast applications

Low viscosity - easy to spray

Low consumption

Better deaeration of concrete


Use of higher viscous release film-formers

Use of biodegradable materials

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Curing Compounds for Low Water Loss - Sika® Antisol®

Man applying Sika® Antisol® curing compound on concrete on construction site with reinforcement

Concrete is the mix of cement, water, sand, aggregates and admixtures. The water hydrates the cement, which starts a chemical reaction. As the cement consumes the water, the cement-paste begins to dry, hardens and binds the aggregates together producing a rock-like material - concrete. If there is not enough water, the cement cannot fully hydrate properly - resulting in left-over cement and a weaker, less durable concrete.

Curing is the term used to describe the technique of preventing early water-loss out of concrete. Curing plays an extremely important role ion the concrete's strength development, improving concrete properties and durability.

Sika® Antisol® products are ready-to-use, spray-applied curing compounds for the protection of concrete from water loss during the early curing period.


Man applying concrete on construction site with Sika® Antisol® curing compound
By using Sika® Antisol® technologies, you can:
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Improve surface appearance (prevent cracking)
  • Gain higher concrete strength, especially on the surface
  • Lower water permeability
  • Improve freeze/thaw resistance
  • Increase abrasion resistance

Surface Retarder to Expose Aggregate Surface - Sika® Rugasol®

Sika® Rugasol® products are formulated to retard or slow down cement hydration on concrete surfaces. This allows for easy removal of cement paste, thereby exposing the aggregate finish. Apart from architectural applications, these products are also used to roughen concrete surfaces for such purposes as casting new adjoining concrete.


Use it to achieve this effect on...

Concrete construction joints
Sika® Rugasol® surface retarder applied to concrete for exposed aggregate reinforcement on construction site
Exposed aggregate concrete finish
Sika® Rugasol® surface retarder applied to concrete for exposed aggregate finish on building facade



Spraying to expose aggregate on concrete surface using surface retarder
Sika® Rugasol® technologies can be used in:
  • Artificial stone manufacturing
  • Structural concrete
  • Vertical and horizontal concreting joints
  • Precast concrete
  • Pedestrian pathways
  • Exposed aggregate concrete finish

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