Madrid, Spain

The Aura Homes which were finished in 2020 with a total surface area of 8,000 m2  and 254 apartments used Sikatherm® ETICS for the facade finishing system.

Project Requirements

Comply with the technical building code requirements. Give the building an isolated and fire resistance skin with alast generation decorative finishing.

Sika Solutions

Sika has proposed for this project, the Sikatherm® ETICS solutionwith 10 cm double density mineral wool incombustible insulation and the high-tech decorative finishing Coteterm Aquasol.

  • Energy efficiency in heating and air conditioning
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • High breathability for healthy indoor climate
  • Exterior isolation, not effecting the usable floor space
  • High aesthetic finishing due to the building design and Coteterm Aquasol self cleaning properties

Main Product Families Used

Sikatherm® system components

Coteterm M: Adhesive & basecoat
Coteterm Panel MW DD: Double density mineral wood panel
Coteterm Malla: Glass fiber reinforcement mesh, alkaline resistant
Coteterm Fondo: Colored acrylic primer, weather resistant
Coteterm Aquasol: Photocatalytic finishing render, antipollution with self-cleaning properties


Coteterm Perfil Esquina PVC: Reinforced corner profiles
Coteterm Perfil Arranque: Aluminium starting profiles
Coteterm Anclaje ISO: Mechanical fixation
Coteterm Perfil Goterón: Dripper profile

Project Participants

Neinor Homes

Main Contractor

Alvarez Salas

Revestimientos del Norte