Onda, Castellon, Spain

A newly built fruit packing house in Onda (Castellón), Spain, required a roof waterproofing system to protect its 11,000 m² roof. The owner, Frutinter Company, was looking for a long-lasting and high-quality roofing system.

Project Requirements

A guarantee of good performance was required, as well as a system that could accommodate the installation of a photovoltaic system for self-consumption. The designers, Grupotec, needed a reliable, complete system and a trusted roofing partner. Sika convinced the customer to choose a high-performance thermoplastic roofing solution to fulfill the customer’s requirements from a technical, economic and environmental point of view.

Sika Solutions

The specified Sika roofing system includes a beige-colored waterproofing membrane. It was approved by the customer for its proven high technical performance, as well as being a solution that fulfilled their price expectations. In warm climates like Spain, it is known that white, highly reflective roofing membranes are able to reduce heat absorption and reduce both the cooling energy consumption of buildings and the energy costs.

Therefore, Sika proposed an alternative cost-effective solution not only considering the initial construction costs but also taking into account the potential savings in terms of energy and carbon footprint that the installation of a high reflective, cool roof membrane provides. For the total surface area of the project, 11,000 m², the white Sarnafil® TS 77-18 SR roofing system offered significant savings compared to a black roof membrane system. The estimated potential savings surpass the energy and carbon impacts related to cradle to grave of the roofing system in less than five years.

Products Used

Sarnafil TS 77-18 SR white for waterproofing membrane
Sarnafast SF 4.8 x 80 and Washer Sarnafast KT 82 x 40 for fastening