Campania, Italy

This project is about the roof repair for a shopping center in Italy. The owner was looking for a long-lasting, high-quality roof renovation solution for a total roof area of 35,000 m².

Project Requirements

The owner was very interested in details regarding durability, performance, and especially benefits the system could bring about during the use phase. The roof rehabilitation with a competitive, generic roofing solution - namely a new two-layer bituminous waterproofing membrane - was considered as well.

Sika convinced the owner with its high-performance, thermoplastic roofing solution to fulfill their requirements from a technical, economic and environmental point of view.

Sika Solutions

In warm climates like Italy, it is known that white, highly reflective roofing membranes are able to reduce heat absorption and reduce both the cooling energy consumption of buildings and the energy costs. Thus, Sika proposed an alternative cost-effective solution not only considering the initial construction costs and environmental impacts, but also taking into account the potential savings in terms of energy and carbon footprint that the installation of a highly reflective roofing membrane provides. To differentiate from the black-colored generic bituminous solution and convince the owner of the additional benefits of highly reflective thermoplastic cool roofs, Sika’s Global Product Sustainability Group performed a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the two proposed refurbishment solutions with similar performance.

Products Used

Sarnafil TS 77-18 RAL 9016 SR solar reflective waterproofing membrane
Sarnafelt PP 400 leveling layer
Sarnafast KTL 82 x 40 fasteners

Project Participants

ILD Italia di D’introna Alessandro o & C. S.a.s

Cover Tech S.r.l.

Sika Organization
Sika Italy