Zagreb, Croatia

Connecting Zagreb with other parts of Croatia and connecting Croatia with Europe and other parts of the world, is the most important role of Zagreb Airport. Many years of successfully completing these tasks, which have strong economic and political significance, have made this airport, since its earliest operating days, an important traffic hub in this part of Europe. Even today, many people consider it the Gate of the city, because every day thousands of people pass through it to and out of the Croatian metropolis.

Project Requirements

Project requirements were bonding large format ceramic tiles (1200 x 600 mm), grouting, sealing movement floor joints in the halls, passenger terminals, offices, restrooms, storage areas and in dressing rooms.

The project further required waterproofing of the wet rooms (public restrooms) Sika was invited to make a master (50 m²) mock-up, after which the method statement and later the building were done.

Sika Solutions

Due to large format ceramic tiles a double application of adhesive was required and a flexibility class “S1” was obligatory. It is a high-frequency area that is burdened with constant pedestrian traffic.
Sika offered high-quality solutions for the entire system: adhesives, waterproofing system, grouting compounds and products for sealing joints.

  • Waterproofing of wet rooms out of which most were made with dry construction (drywalls)
  • Sika offered Sikalastic®-200 W, later bonding ceramic tiles
  • On the area of 30 000 m², the designer asked for large format ceramic tiles (1200  600 mm) + Sika® Primer-11 W
  • Smaller tiles (30 cm  30 cm), (30 cm x 60 cm) 13 000 m²
  • Bonding with SikaCeram®-225, filling joints with SikaCeram® CleanGrout, sealing with Sikasil Color and Sikaflex®-PRO 3
  • In public restrooms, black ceramic tiles were laid with SikaCeram®-225 and grouted with SikaCeram® CleanGrout

Products Used


Sikaplan® WP-1200 16 C


Sikalastic® 200W,
Sika® Primer 11 W,
Sikasil® Color
Sikaflex®-PRO 3


Sikaplan®-18 G

Project Participants


IGH & Neidhardt Ltd and Kincl Ltd.

Sika Organization
Sika Croatia