Harburg, Germany

Märker is an independent, regional and reliable partner of the building and construction industry. High-quality products – cement, burnt and hydraulic lime, ready-mix concrete as well as gravel and sand – are produced at more than 30 locations.

The integrated cement plant in Harburg and the grinding station in Lauffen produce all cement types which are relevant in the market. The product portfolio covers the complete application spectrum and Märker is able to provide cement in the market of South Germany.

SikaGrind cement additive added for high quality cement production

Project Requirements

The cement from Märker is continuously adapted to the requirements and tasks of the modern construction needs. The main products are:

  • Portland Cement, CEM I
  • Blended hydraulic cements (CEM II)
  • Blast furnace slag Cement (CEM III)
  • Specialities (road pavement, sulphate resistant, high early strength)

The production of cement is a very energy intensive process. Märker cares about a responsible energy management and is certified according DIN EN ISO 50001.

Portland Limestone Cement
Portland limestone cements (CEM II/A-LL) play an important role in the product portfolio of Märker. Portland limestone cements are produced according the regional demand and the well accepted properties of this cement type. The limestone, used as a supplementary cementitious material (SCM), contributes to the reduction of the energy.

Sika Solutions

SikaGrind®-870 is a cement additive which is based on the Sika® ViscoCrete® technology. It is a Grinding Aid which is blended with strength enhancing substances.

Grinding Aids reduce the attraction of fine particles. This effect helps to avoid the coating of the mill interior and the mill balls. Thereby the mill efficiency is improved which makes it possible to save grinding energy.

The strength enhancing components of SikaGrind®-870 increase the mechanical strength and partially compensates the influence of the chemically inert limestone.

Since several years Märker trusts the quality of SikaGrind®-870.

Product Used