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Watch a Series of Videos Showing How to Build Sika Tile Setting Systems

Application of tile adhesives

It is always important to select the right tile and the right tile installation system for each different area of the specific project. This should include the correct surface preparation, waterproofing (if required) and joint sealing solutions for each area and tile type in order to ensure the right quality and durability.

Thanks to our knowhow in various application fields such as waterproofing, flooring and insulation, Sika is able to provide full systems. Once the system is selected, the next critical step is proper application. If the system is not correctly installed, it could cause failures or leaks.

Browse this series of videos to learn how to apply Sika products and systems to ensure a successful watertight tiling project.

Watch Videos about Selecting and Installing Tile Systems

How to Set Tiles and Install Waterproofing in Wet Rooms
How to Apply Tile Adhesive with Effortless Spreading
How to Apply Tile Adhesive for Medium to Large Size Tiles
How to Choose a Sustainable, Lightweight Tile Adhesive

How to Set Tiles and Install Waterproofing in Wet Rooms

Watch the video to see how to apply an ETAG 022 approved system with SikaCeram® Sealing Membrane W

1. Prepare the surface

Apply surface preparation primer, Sikafloor®-01 Primer, as a universal primer for walls and floors.

2. Apply waterproofing

Waterproof the joint transitions and penetrations with Sika® SealTape F and SikaCeram® Sealing Fix.

Apply one layer of SikaCeram® Sealing Fix with a roller, brush or spatula in joint transitions and penetrations.

Lay SikaCeram® Sealing Membrane W in a fresh layer of SikaCeram® Sealing Fix.

3. Set the tiles

Draw a horizontal line for the first row of wall tiles.

Set tiles with the SikaCeram® range by pressing the tiles into the fresh mortar bed.

4. Apply tile grout

Use a rubber trowel to apply SikaCeram® CleanGrout/-StarGrout tile grout with diagonal movements. Do not fill expansion and connection joints with grout.

5. Apply joint sealant

Ensure joint surfaces are clean and dry, apply backing rod into the joint, and apply low odor Sikasil® C joint sealant.

How to Apply Tile Adhesive with Effortless Spreading

Watch the video to see how easy it is to use SikaCeram® Easy Technology tile adhesive

How to Apply Tile Adhesive for Medium to Large Size Tiles

Watch the video to see step-by-step instructions for SikaCeram®-270 MultiFlow, a 4-in-1 versatile tile adhesive

Features of SikaCeram®-270 MultiFlow tile adhesive:

Multi-Flow: from thin-bed to thick-bed consistency
Avoids discoloration
Reduces efflorescence
Low dust emission
Fast setting (ready for foot traffic after only 3 hours)
No vertical slipping of heavy tiles
Extended open time
Ideal for natural stones sensitive to discoloration

How to Choose a Sustainable, Lightweight Tile Adhesive

Watch the video to learn about SikaCeram®-290 StarLight, a deformable and lightweight tile adhesive with sustainable raw materials

Features of SikaCeram®-290 StarLight tile adhesive:

Lightweight, with more than 80% extra coverage
50% cement replacement by sustainable raw material
CO2 emissions reduced by 46% (for a given application per m2)
Very low emissions: EC-1 plus
Low dust technology
15 kg valve bag with handle
Consumption: ~1.9 kg/m2

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