Smart use of water–based materials can be an effective strategy against moisture-related problems in floor constructions. This is what we implement in our Sikafloor® MultiDur water-based epoxy range. Tough and water vapor permeable, plus low VOC & odor, Sikafloor® MultiDur water-based epoxy flooring systems are especially suitable for your next functional floors if you have issues of humidity or rising moisture in the floor slab. Additionally, among the range, the system Sikafloor® MultiDur WS-26 has the unique performance of the fire classification A2fl -S1.

Why Sikafloor® MultiDur Water Based Epoxy Flooring?

Water based epoxy flooring applied in a factory

Problem solver and Protection Provider

In flooring works, moisture-related issues can cause unexpected delays, or in the worst case, require repairs and re-coating. Sikafloor® MultiDur solves problems in the following issues:

  • Moisture-related blisters in floor coating
  • Missing water vapor membrane under the ground floor slabs
  • Uncertain moisture conditions of / under the floor slabs
  • Uncertainty about if a concrete floor is dry enough for the coating works


With the sustainable Sikafloor® MultiDur water-based flooring systems applicators and designers have a solution for typical moisture-related problems and environmental issues. This provides security and protection which ultimately may also save money and a great deal of time.

Main Advantages

Water Vapour Permeable
Fire Resistant
  • The systems can be reliably used on concrete slabs with high moisture content
  • Rising moisture after application cannot cause debonding from concrete
  • The systems meets the strict indoor emission regulations (AgBB, A+, M1, LEED v4)
  • Solvent free
  • Low odor, safe, and comfortable to use 
  • A2fl-S1 fire resistance classification (Sikafloor® MultiDur WS-26)
  • Unique in resin flooring
  • Fast application - short waiting time after concrete works
  • Can be used safely without moisture barrier

  • No need to close the facility during application
  • Employee  friendly
  • Credit and suitable for sustainable building schemes 


  • Safety – less risk in the case of fire
  • Resin floor can be used in areas which requires A2fl-S1 rating

Main Uses

The system range can be used for

  • Floor slabs without a DPM and a risk of rising moisture
  • New concrete slabs with high humidity
  • Concrete floors with moisture-related issues
  • Floor areas where higher fire rating required


Typical project types

  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Workshops
  • Storages
  • Garages
  • Escape routes and areas requiring a high fire resistance classification
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