The acquisition of Parex has given Sika the opportunity to further optimize its production footprint. This is the basis for future growth. In many countries, additional investments have been made to extend and upgrade both Sika and former Parex factories or warehouses in order to improve the supply chain within and between countries. Efficient production and being close to the customers are key drivers for success.

In the region Asia Pacific for example, thanks to the strong combined factory footprint, many moves have already been implemented or are currently underway:

  • Sika Malaysia is in the process of upgrading its factory in the South in order to better serve the customers in Singapore. With this move, there will be two large anchor factories for the Singaporean and South Malaysian market.
  • In Thailand, powder production was consolidated at one single location to enhance efficiency and better utilize production capacity.
  • In China, the Sika team has leveraged the momentum and heavily invested in new factories or added new production lines into existing factories. Some of these investments are for the joint benefit of the Sika traditional product portfolio as well as the Building Finishing materials from Parex.
  • Sika Australia has just opened a new factory in the Western part to replace an older facility, creating in an efficient supply chain for the customer base in this area. What’s more, production and supply chain complexities were successfully reduced at the Victoria and Queensland factories by reallocating, and the anchor factory in New South Wales is being upgraded for the mortar and liquid business.


Many moves and investments are also linked to Sika’s sustainability strategy and efforts. One example is the optimization of sand handling and drying systems in mortar plants. In Malaysia and Singapore, for instance, two state-of-theart mortar factories are being equipped with the latest sand drying technology to reduce the CO2 footprint.

New mortar plant Australia.
Image: New mortar plant Australia.
New mortar factory in Chengdu, China.
Image: New mortar factory in Chengdu, China.