Acquisitions have formed a strategic pillar of Sika’s business for many years. The construction chemicals market is heavily fragmented, with its ten largest players together accounting for a market share of less than 40%. This opens up huge opportunities for Sika because size does matter more and more as legal requirements become stricter and customers in the building sector become increasingly international.

Each year, Sika scrutinizes more than 70 potential takeover candidates. Only very few of them satisfy Sika’s rigorous requirements. Selection follows clearly defined criteria. For a company to be a good fit for Sika’s growth strategy, it needs to fulfill at least one of three criteria: market access for Sika products is improved, the company enjoys a strong position in individual markets which Sika is unable to build up itself over the short term, or it possesses outstanding technology that logically complements the Sika product portfolio.

Systematic identification of acquisitions.
Image: Systematic identification of acquisitions.