Sika has made an investment together with PERI – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of formwork and scaffolding – in the Swiss startup Mesh AG, which created the world’s first robot-assisted technology that produces complex reinforced concrete structures without formwork. This investment is yet another example of how Sika is helping to enable automation and digitalization in the construction industry in addition to technology for 3D concrete print and solutions for modular building.

This new MESH Technology – developed through 10 years of intensive research at ETH Zurich – saves the construction industry both time and money, making it possible to produce complex or curved reinforcement cages more easily with automation. MESH Technology allows for more design possibilities, sustainability and productivity in construction. It can be used to make customized concrete structures, complex forms, and conventional structures in a resourceful manner. 

This new technology does not compete with 3D printing per se, but rather serves as a complementary product alongside Sika’s extensive collection of innovative building solutions. The 3D steel-mesh structure serves as both formwork and reinforcement and is filled with a specific concrete mix without using conventional formwork.

In 2018, the technological breakthrough came with the robot-assisted production of a curved concrete wall at Zurich's DFAB HOUSE. The technology was transferred to an industrial construction process in partnership with PERI.

"Increasing digitalization and automation is becoming more important in the construction industry. Innovative technologies enable productivity increases in construction and open new design possibilities for architects. Through our collaboration with Mesh AG and PERI, a new type of construction process is being established on the market that enables the production of complex geometries and is more cost-effective than conventional methods. This will benefit our customers and the entire construction industry." Philippe Jost, Head of Construction
Robotic automated production of reinforcement cages (credits Mesh AG)
Image: Robotic automated production of reinforcement cages (credits Mesh AG)

With this investment into Mesh, Sika is enabling the transformation the construction industry, helping it become more efficient and sustainable at the same time. High-precision production allows for the integration of acoustic or other functions, opening up completely new design opportunities for architects. 

Now building your favorite yoga pose – or other complex shape – is no longer a pipe dream.

For more information, please visit: www.mesh.ch