Sika attained first place in the Swiss Reputation Top 20, among the companies listed on the Swiss Market Index (SMI). Reaching the highest score in “Products and Innovation” and a strong performance in “Economic Performance” and “Sustainability”, the company continued its string of successful rankings.

Reputation scores over the course of four consecutive six-month periods highlight the challenge in maintaining a strong performance in this ranking. Among the 20 SMI companies covered during this timeframe, Sika stands out as the only company consistently securing a place in the top five. 

"This leading position is only possible because of our relentless focus on innovation and sustainability, from the laboratory to the marketplace. Our innovations address not only today’s challenges, but are also designed with the world of tomorrow in mind. It is our forward-thinking that keeps us ahead of the innovation curve." Patricia Heidtman, Chief Innovation & Sustainability Officer

The analysis made by Swiss Reputation Top 20 includes all German- and French-language publications related to SMI companies on Swiss public domains, including journalistic websites, news portals, blogs, and social media. To compile the Swiss Reputation Top 20, more than 175,000 comments were evaluated using AI-assisted text analysis in the second half of 2023. Companies that combine a media presence with a positive tone in all areas are considered to have a strong reputation.

Swiss Reputation
"This result reflects our leadership in innovation, sustainability, and economic performance, marking a significant achievement in our ongoing journey. Maintaining such a distinguished position highlights our team's dedication and the strength of our strategic communications." Dominik Slappnig, Head of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations

About the Swiss Reputation Group and the IMWF Institute

Swiss Reputation Group, based in Zurich, is a consultancy company specializing in AI media and stakeholder analysis, as well as reputation measurement. With its diverse portfolio, Swiss Reputation Group is the leading specialist for data-driven communication and reputation in Switzerland.

Since 2013, the IMWF Institute has been using artificial intelligence to analyze vast amounts of data from online news and social media. The company is headquartered in Hamburg with analyst teams in Leipzig, Vienna, and Zurich.

For more information, please read the media release:
SWISS REPUTATION TOP 20 2/2023 - swissreputation.group

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Image: Swiss Reputation Top 20 for the second half of 2023

Source: Swiss Reputation Group

★★★ above average/top tier
★★ average/middle tier
★ below average/lower tier

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Image: Swiss Reputation Top 20 over the last four half-years 2022/2023

Source: Swiss Reputation Group