The Forestias will create an urban district of the future on the outskirts of Bangkok. This is Thailand's largest newbuild project. It has been designed to promote intergenerational living in harmony with nature.

Copyright: Foster + Partners
Image: The Forestias, Copyright: Foster + Partners

The district, which encompasses almost 400 hectares, was conceived by the city authorities as an embodiment of future-oriented and sustainable urban living. At the heart of the new project is a 30-hectare forest. The entire site is designed to provide residents with optimal infrastructure so they can live as healthy as possible while consuming few resources. In August 2022, the project received the “Green Honorary Award 2022” from Bangkok’s Kasetsart University for its sustainability.

Successful Cross-Selling for the “Green” Project

The sheer scale of the construction project and its mix of sustainability, state-of-the-art technology, and cutting-edge architecture is a natural fit to Sika’s comprehensive product portfolio, which offers solutions from basement to roof. Kampon Boonpleng, a Key Project Manager at Sika, is delighted about this flagship project: “All our target markets in the construction area are involved in The Forestias. We have been able to crosssell very successfully and deliver a comprehensive solution offering.” This requires intensive exchanges both internally and externally. “The Specification team works closely with local architects and developers to get our products specified for the project as early as the tender phase. The Key Project Management team then takes over, meeting with planners and construction companies during the project and construction phases, respectively.”

As the focus of this residential construction project is sustainability, most of the solutions used are LEED-certified. “LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is an internationally recognized certification system for green building and sustainability in construction. It is playing an increasingly important role in Thailand too,” explains Kampon Boonpleng. Sika was chosen for The Forestias partially because it offers a broader sustainability portfolio than its competitors. The Technical Service team also won the client’s trust with product demonstrations, deep expertise and experience. No fewer than ten Sika employees covering multiple functions are working on The Forestias. “Our success ultimately comes down to how interconnected we are internally, our comprehensive solutions-driven approach, and an unwavering service mindset,” is how Kampon Boonpleng puts it.

13 Subprojects, Almost 50 Sika Products

Whether for the Forest Pavilion, the Whizdom condominiums in the high-rise apartment buildings, the Mulberry Grove Villas, the office buildings, or the Town Center – Sika is on hand to facilitate execution of this major project with its many different challenges.

The waterproof mortar SikaTop®-107 Seal TH (LEED) is the top-selling product, but high-quality epoxy and polyurethane floors such as Sikafloor®-161 HC (LEED), Sikafloor®-263 SL HC (LEED), and Sikafloor®-21 PurCem® LP (LEED) are also being used. Meanwhile, Sikalastic®-632 R is proving to be a valuable waterproofing membrane for the roof. All of these high-quality products meet the rigorous design requirements of the project – including for the already completed Forest Pavilion – and the figures speak for themselves: almost 50 products and solutions are being used on The Forestias project.

Kampon Boonpleng, Key Project Manager, Sika Thailand
Image: Kampon Boonpleng, Key Project Manager, Sika Thailand