We are proud to announce that Sika Automotive has received a Winner award in the category "Digital" at this year's Automotive Brand Contest, sponsored and judged by the German Design Council for the new Marketing and media theme "Lighter, Stronger, Safer, Quieter, and Greener - Better Vehicles Start With Sika".

Start with Sika

The Sika theme directly addresses global mega trends affecting vehicle design and assembly, specifically exhibiting bonding, damping, reinforcing and protection solutions to enhance global initiatives in light weighting, mixed material bonding, occupant safety and the resulting sustainability contributions. The resulting media program and content spreads this message within the industry and at exhibitions around the world, and includes a redesigned website, a CGI animated video segment "Start With Sika," a new family of 6 technology brochures and new tradeshow collaterals and exhibition properties. Visit sikaautomotive.com for more information.

Automotive Brand Contest

The Automotive Brand Contest is the only international design competition in the automotive sector and has developed in a very short time to become an important industry event. The Brand Contest provides companies in the automotive industry, their partners in the supply industry, in design and brand communication a high-profile platform to compare themselves internationally with their performance and position. A competition with such diverse design aspects requires an internationally compiled, independent jury of experts, which is composed of representatives of the media, design, brand communications and the universities.

In today's complex and fast-changing automotive world, the drive to build the lighter, stronger, safer, quieter and greener vehicles of tomorrow starts with strategic suppliers that work together to push the boundaries of what's possible. It starts with suppliers that bring a proven record of performance and a corporate culture of innovation that complements a full range of products and solutions.

Did you know that more than 50% of the vehicles produced worldwide each year use SIKA technology? Visit sikautomotive.com to learn more about the major impact SIKA products are making in the global automotive industry's drive to create lighter, stronger, safer, quieter and greener vehicles.

"On behalf of the hard work of the entire Sika team we are thrilled that the jury honored our program in this competition," said Greg Moran, Head Global Marketing, Sika Automotive. "The message of the program is simple; Start with Sika to help to build better vehicles."