The Board of Directors of Sika continues its efforts to maintain the continuity in the leadership of the company despite the on-going dispute. Therefore after careful analysis the Board of Sika decided today to restrict the voting rights of Schenker-Winkler Holding to 5% of all registered shares pursuant to art. 4 of Sika's articles of association regarding transfer right restriction.

The restriction applies in the interest of the company to maintain the status quo until the pending legal issues have been resolved in ordinary proceedings. Specifically it will apply to the removal of Monika Ribar, Paul Hälg and Daniel Sauter and the election of Max Roesle to the Board as its Chairman. It will not apply to the compensation of the Board. The Board reserves the right to apply the voting right restriction to other requests. In the view of the Board the hostile takeover attempt by Saint-Gobain lacks any industrial logic and would seriously endanger the success story of Sika.