Sika has opened a state-of-the-art new mortar products plant in North America with huge market potential in interior finishing in the fast-growing cities on the US East Coast. The new plant is an extension of Sika's existing concrete admixture plant, the capacity of which has also been increased.

Regional Manager Americas
"We are continuing the expansion that has taken place in the past two years by investing in Sika’s growth drivers such as mortars. This means that we are expanding our supply chain, and in parallel our sales force and marketing efforts. The strengthening of our presence close to the booming megacities will continue to be our focus in 2016. We are planning to open two new plants in North America, one of which will be in Canada, the other in the US. This will allow us to generate further growth potential both for our customers and for Sika." Christoph Ganz, Regional Manager North America

The opening of its second new mortar plant in North America in the last two years, in addition to the acquisition in March 2015 of the mortar products manufacturer and marketer BMI Products of Northern California Inc., gives Sika a network of 18 manufacturing sites in North America.

Thus Sika is ideally positioned to take advantage of the improved market conditions in the construction sector in North America, which is benefiting from growth drivers such as commercial and infrastructure projects undertaken as part of the general urbanization megatrend. Forecasts for the US construction market predict an annual growth rate of 8% for 2015 and 10% for 2016.