Sika is further expanding its presence in West Africa and starting operations in a new facility for mortars in Cameroon. Following the foundation of the national subsidiary in 2016 and the opening of a concrete admixture plant in 2017, the company is now investing in a new mortar manufacturing facility. In total, Sika has 22 factories on the high-growth African continent. The current business year has already seen investments in new facilities in Egypt and Senegal.

Sika will use its new mortar products factory, located in the major city of Douala, to expand its product portfolio and supply customers in Cameroon’s construction market with locally manufactured products. The country’s building industry is developing dynamically under the stimulus of investments in infrastructure and housing construction. Major infrastructure projects realized with Sika products include sports stadiums, the Douala Grand Mall and Business Park Project, and facilities for water treatment and the supply of drinking water which are being constructed across the country.

Regional Manager EMEA
"We are continually expanding our business on the African continent and are recording the strongest growth rates in the EMEA region. Over the past four years, we have increased sales by an average of 22 percent each year. Our investments in expansion will create the basis for further market penetration in Africa, where the boom in the construction industry is being driven by high population growth combined with urbanization trends and megacity developments." Ivo Schädler, EMEA Regional Manager

Construction Boom in Cameroon

According to forecasts, Cameroon’s construction industry is expected to grow by 8.4% in 2019, with annual growth averaging 7.4% until 2028. This means that the country’s construction market is the market with the highest dynamics in West Africa.