The Sika brand stands for quality and consistency. Sika is a strong brand. It allows the Group to present a consistent identity in all target markets and with all products.


The company regularly invests in measures aimed at strengthening the long-term position of the Sika brand. The end of 2012, for example, saw the conclusion of a corporate identity process launched two years ago. This process has delivered a sustainable, clear-cut positioning of the brand, an updated framework for Group-wide communication plus uniform guidelines for a more expressive and contemporary corporate design. This Annual Report marks the rollout of the new-look corporate identity.


The corporate identity process also involved a reformulation of the Sika tagline. The slogan for the anniversary year in 2010, “Innovation & Consistency since 1910”, has now been replaced by “Building Trust”.

The word “building” expresses both Sika’s core business area and the activities of its customers, e.g. as bridge builders or automotive manufacturers. The English word also resonates with German speakers due to its phonetic and semantic affinities with the German word “bilden” (forming). This, in turn, has connotations of shaping, designing, structuring and developing. One single word thus unites all the core competencies of Sika and its customers.

Trust is the foundation of all types of partnership and collaboration. It is fostered by the quality of Sika’s work and is the result of the company’s innovative power and perseverance. Trust underpins Sika’s philosophy as well as all its promises and obligations vis-a-vis customers and partners. Yet, it is not a static state, but a continuous process that needs to be actively cultivated. Any brand – the Sika brand being no exception – exists and thrives on the trust placed in it by the company’s customers.