Effective January 1, 2013, Sika is introducing a leaner and more efficient Group management structure. Group Management will be streamlined from 14 members to nine. The geographical concentration on four regions with extensive responsibility will enable integrated management from production through to the customer. The traditional flat management structures will remain in place.


The current six geographical regions will be reduced to four. The newly formed regions will manage linked economic areas and supply chain structures from a single source. In Europe, the new Region EMEA is to be created covering the current Regions Europe North and Europe South as well as the Middle East and Africa. Reflecting the economic area it is situated in, India will be reallocated to the Region Asia/Pacific.

There will no longer be a separate Region IMEA as is currently the case. Because of their differing market structures, North America and Latin America will continue as independent regions.

As in the past, profit and loss responsibility will rest with the regions. The tasks of Corporate Operations will be integrated into the regions, strengthening the local and regional focus of the respective supply chains. This will ensure uniform and efficient management of the markets and production locations.

Marketing will be realigned in accordance with Sika's seven strategic target markets, replacing the previous four customer groups. The target markets are Concrete, Waterproofing, Roofing, Flooring, Sealing & Bonding, Refurbishment and Industry. Geared to the markets, this breakdown will allow us to further strengthen our customer orientation and enable an optimized technical market service and focused research and development work.

With the new organization Sika is paving the way for the attainment of its strategic goals. Sika CEO Jan Jenisch stresses: "The new organization pursues our strategy of focusing on seven target markets. The geographical concentration on four regions will enable us to deliver integrated management from production through to the customer. Overall, the new organization will make us significantly more efficient and even more focused on the needs of our customers. The traditional flat management structures will remain in place.

Sika's Group Management is to be streamlined to the following nine members: Jan Jenisch (CEO), Christoph Ganz (Region North America), Heinz Gisel (Region Asia/Pacific), Paul Schuler (Region EMEA), José Luis Vázquez (Region Latin America), Silvio Ponti (Building Systems & Industry), Ernesto Schümperli (Concrete and Waterproofing), Urs Mäder (Technology), Ronald Trächsel (Finance).

The new organization will be implemented step by step over the coming months and will apply from January 1, 2013.