Santiago, Chile

Founded in 1957 as Cementos Bio Bio S.A., Cbb is a Chilean cement producer with more than 60 years of presence in the market. Considering its companies Cementos Bío Bío, INACESA, Ready Mix and INACAL, Cbb has production facilities for cement, concrete and lime in Chile, Argentina and Peru.

Cbb Cement Plant in Santiago, Chile
Cement plant from Cbb in Santiago, Chile

Project Requirements

Cbb is the national cement manufacturer with the largest capacity for production in Chile. It has been a pioneer company, participating in important projects in Chile, as well as supplying the mining industry.

The Talcahuano plant produces mainly slag cements of different qualities and supplies the central-southern Chilean market. In their product portfolio, with a yearly capacity of around 750.000t, they include cements designed for specific clients. The main products manufactured are Portland slag Cement, Slag cement and Pozzolanic cement.

In order to fulfil specific production requirements during the grinding process, different laboratory tests were carried out by the local Sika R&D team to define the most appropriate products from the SikaGrind® range.

Sika Solutions

The following products have been successfully used during the last years: SikaGrind®-361 VM and SikaGrind®-820. Both are liquid additives used during cement production, increasing the grinding performance up to10% and allowing the achievement of the desired cement fineness.

SikaGrind®-820 optimize the efficiency of modern separators and cement mills. It provides the following advantages in the cement production:increased production rate, easier achievement of the desired cement fineness and cost savings due to lower specific power consumption per ton.

SikaGrind®-361 VM increases the mill output production in VRM and ball mills as well as the quality of the cement (cement strength). The chemical action of SikaGrind®-361 VM reduces particle attraction during the milling process and in the concrete/cement paste it promotes alterations in the cement hydration process.

Products Used

SikaGrind® range

SikaGrind®-361 VM

Project Participants

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