Lima, Peru

The Cement Division of Mixercon started operations in 2013 and commercializes highly resistant cement. Mixercon counts on two cement plants, which together reach a total production of more than 800,000 tons of cement per year.

Sika cement additives for Mixercon Cement Plant in Lima, Peru
Mixercon Cement Plant in Lima, Peru

Project Requirements

The requirement was to deliver additives for the cement grinding process, which act as high-performance quality improvers, achieving significant increases in resistance levels (around 10% to 15%) and being able to increase the production (minimum in 10%).

Sika Solutions

Laboratory and industrial tests were carried out with different additives from the SikaGrind® Range, which led to significant improvement oft the grinding system. The specific electrical consumption (kWh/t) was reduced by up to 24%, resulting in an increase of production of more than12 t/h. Parameters such as Blaine, fineness and compressive strength of the cement were improved with the use of the SikaGrind® additives, reflecting a better particle size distribution of the cement and greater efficiency for the entire grinding system.

Based on the optimization process and the quality of the cement, SikaGrind® 720 showed the highest potential to achieve increases in the production ratios. Its use as a grinding aid and quality improver was confirmed.

During 2020 a new product was developed: SikaGrind®-795 PE. With the new product, it was possible to reduce the dosage by 20% while maintaining the quality and operational parameters achieved with the previous product.

SikaGrind®-795 PE is a grinding aid and quality improver for the cement production. It has been designed to produce cements of superior quality with improved strength in all ages.

Products Used

SikaGrind® range

SikaGrind®-795 PE

Project Participants

Mixercon S.A. Peru

Villa 1 & Oquendo

Sika Peru S.A.C.