A massive CHF 2.4 billion state of the art facility in Uruguay began initial planning in 2018. The facility harvests sustainable eucalyptus trees which offer fast growth rates and high pulp generation. The addition of this single plant with port terminal and rail infrastructure is expected to increase the GDP of Uruguay by two percent.

Montes del Plata, Cellulose Pulp Facility in Uruguay

Project Requirements

Sika Uruguay learned of the project in late 2018 and contacted the Global Owner and Specifier Management Team for assistance with the project lead designer AFRY, based in Finland. Projects of this scale have long time lines and nearly a year later in late 2019, the AFRY design team was ready to discuss product solutions. Key topics included Flooring and Roofing and the importance of specifying locally available materials. This was a pain point for AFRY based on prior experiences.

Sika Solutions

Sika Uruguay remained actively engaged with the project locally offering additional product solutions with Concrete Admixtures for the plant and port terminal structure, the precast rail sleepers/ties (ViscoCrete & Sikament) and containment and tank Waterproofing (Greenstreak Waterstop, Tricosal, SikaFuko & SikaSwell). Sika Uruguay then partnered with a local flooring applicator that had worked on prior UPM projects. Prior phases of UPM projects utilized competing flooring products but not without issue; SikaFloor products were used in the repairs. This served as another deciding factor that, when coupled with local product availability and project support, addressed all the design team's concerns.

Sika’s broad portfolio of product solutions provides design and ownership teams endless opportunities to address project applications from below ground waterproofing to roofing and everything in between from one manufacturer. Sika’s range of products and go-to-market project approach is unmatched in the marketplace; and as seen in this project is a prime example of the benefits of partnering with Sika on your next project.

Project Participants


Lead Designer
AFRY (Finland)

Sika Organization
Sika Uruguay