Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

The construction of the Musanada Villa Project started in 2013 and went through the following year. It is located in the Al Ain, an inland oasis in United Arabic Emirates, close to the borders of Oman .The project counted some 2'000 villas and 200'000 foil packs of 600 ml. The construction type for this project consisted of precast elements.

Project Requirements

Price competitive joint sealant meeting requirements of ASTM C 920 class 35 with good application and curing properties at temperatures up to 45°C. Additionally the contractor was asking for technical training as well as inspections on site.

Sika Solutions

Sikaflex® Construction+ met all requirements of both the contractor and the owner. With the new i-Cure technology bubble-free curing can be ensured even at very high temperatures combined with high relative humidity.

Thanks to Sika’s well trained staff on-site trainings for applicators could be offered which was one of the USP’s making the difference.

Overall Sikaflex® Construction+ proved to be the sealant of choice in this demanding application, with consistent performance in high temperatures and joint variations.

Products Used

Sikaflex® Construction+

Project Participants

Project Owner
Abu Dhabi Government

Precast Contractor

Sika Organization
Sika UAE