Seattle, Washington

First built as part of the Seattle Center, a sprawling 74-acre entertainment complex that was the site of the 1962 World’s Fair, the Washington State Pavilion was remodeled post-fair as the Washington State Coliseum. Upon its opening, the brand-new arena housed the Seattle University men’s basketball team. Just a few years later, in 1967, the arena hosted the Seattle Supersonics in their inaugural NBA season.

Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, US

Project Requirements

In late 2018, a $950M renovation of the arena was announced. In early 2019, the Sika Project Team was organized and included representatives from our Roofing, Concrete, Refurbishment, Sealing & Bonding, Flooring, Expansion Joint and Liquid Applied Membrane divisions. Populous, the project architect, is one of the leading Stadium architects in the world and has been the focus of the Strategic Projects and Accounts Team in the US for several years.

The arena is unique in that most of it is underground. This is a key characteristic of the arena and was meant to be retained as part of the renovation. This meant that below ground waterproofing would be a key design element. SikaProof A would offer a unique advantage in this project that the competition could not match: speed of construction and simplified detailing.

Sika Solutions

Relationships with the Roofing Contractor (Snyder Roofing) as well as the designer of record (Populus Architects) helped facilitate discussions with the General Contractor (Mortenson). This comprehensive approach was key to organizing and coordinating Sika's Solutions which started with Waterproofing and carried through into multiple additional product solutions including Emseal joint systems, Sikaflex joint sealants, SikaQuick repair mortar, Sikalastic liquid applied membrane and countless others.

The Waterproofing concept using SikaProof A resulted in a project solution that saved a significant amount of time on site with simplified installation and joint detailing, simplified detailing around complex geometries and a superior performing membrane in cold weather that remains flexible. Sika’s full range of Waterproofing products complimented the membrane installation with multiple joint sealing options including Sika Fuko injectable hose waterstop and Sika Hydrotite strip applied waterstop.

With Sika’s comprehensive range of product technologies, Climate Pledge Arena will be hosting major sporting events well into the 21st century.

Project Participants

Roofing Contractor
Snyder Roofing

Populus Architects

General Contractor

Sika Organization
Sika USA