The facade is one of the most defining elements of your building. Luckily there are so many ways to design the facade nowadays, ranging from naked concrete to fixed panels of ventilated facade systems. For panel fixing to the sub-structure, Sika has an adhesive system for an invisible, durable fixation.

SikaTack® Panel System is a Holistic Solution for Wall Cladding

  • SikaTack® Panel polyurethane and silicone adhesives show tenacious adhesion to a variety of panel substrate types and permanent elasticity allowing panel accommodation due to natural differential movement of the building.
  • Efficient, rapid and safe panel installation due to immediate fixation with SikaTack® Panel Fixing Tape
  • Optimum support in planning, panel preparation and installation through local partners or technical Sika sales force
No More Screws or Rivets Needed

With the SikaTack® Panel System, unsightly screws or rivets for fixing the panels are no longer necessary and the panels can reveal their true beauty. Compared to hidden mechanical fixations, the SikaTack® Panel System can save you up to 40% costs.

The System Principle and Applications

  1. SikaTack® Panel adhesive – for permanent elastic fixation
  2. SikaTack® Panel Fixing Tape – for temporary fixation during installation
  3. SikaTack® Panel Primer
  4. Rail system – carrier for panel for fixation
  5. Facade panel
  6. Insulation material
For Interior and Exterior Wall Cladding

With the SikaTack® Panel Adhesive System, cladding finishes can be invisibly fixed to a carrier frame allowing the designer to design without any unsightly fixings. The big advantage over mechanical fixation systems is the elastic nature of SikaTack® Panel Adhesives that accommodates the natural differential movements of varying building materials.

SikaTack® Panel Adhesive System is compatible with many panels ranging from cement based cladding panels to metal and powder coated substrates. Ask us about the panel you intend to use.

For Ventilated Rainscreen Cladding

Rain can be forced through the joints and openings of a typical building facade through wind or external and internal pressure differences. Ventilated rainscreen cladding overcomes this problem by pressure equalization and ensures weather tightness of the facade. Rainscreen cladding is a proven concept with many years’ experience in the development of relatively easily installed lightweight systems.

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Local Contact

Facade design and installation with SikaTack® Panel System must be done with the support of our technical sales force. Please contact a Sika expert near you with your panel cladding project to ensure a beautiful, safe and durable facade.  

Global Contact

To learn more about Sika products and systems for panel cladding or to contact the technical support team, go to our partner page.