Taking good care of your home or building property means more than regular cleaning of the interior spaces and windows. Just as we have to take care of other major assets like cars with regular maintenance and servicing, the same is required for the exterior of our homes and buildings as well.

the value of your property
your investment
Having a clean, well-maintained home can help to achieve a higher sales price by

Enhanced Value for Years to Come

Illustration of house facade and roof being cleaned with Sikagard products and blue sky

Are you preparing your home for sale or getting ready to put it on the market? Many independent surveys have shown that having a clean, well-maintained home reduces the sales period by one-third to half the time, and it can also help achieve a higher price by 10-15% or more. Homes are frequently your largest investment and asset for the long-term security of your family and may also be an important part of your retirement plans.

Cleaning and protecting your home or investment property with Sika solutions can improve and enhance its value for many years to come. Sika offers an extensive product range of Sikagard® cleaning and protection solutions. These products can combat lime efflorescence, salts, cement residues, green growth, graffiti and dirt - thereby protecting the property from moisture and grease.

Sika's protective range of products is not only designed for existing structures, but also for brand-new buildings. It can be applied immediately after installing a decorative, one-coat render (also called monocouche renders) or on new brickwork, protecting it from water ingress leading to green growth and dirt. By doing this from the beginning, maintenance of your property will be much easier, which keeps costs under control. 

In addition, a dry facade is a better-insulating facade. So by keeping your facade dry, your cost for heating will be reduced as well.

"Clean + Protect with Sika = Enhanced Value for Your Property"
House with white thermal insulated facade pool pitched roof blue sky

Solutions for Cleaning and Protecting Exterior Walls

mold from thermal facade and roof tiles with Sika product
Mold and algae removal
Illustration of brick and stone wall facade being cleaned with Sikagard products spray gun and brush
Efflorescence, cement and lime residue removal
Illustration of house wall facade being cleaned with Sikagard products spray bottle
Dirt and grime cleaning
Brush roller spray application of facade and roof protection Sikagard products for brick thermal insulated wall and roof tiles
Hydrophobic and oleophobic facade protection

How to Clean and Protect Your Facade

Watch the video to learn how to apply invisible protection for facades with Sikagard®-790 All-in-One Protect.

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