Sika Platform Concept

Bundling single projects to comprehensive solutions

Sika’s Research and Development reflects a fully global operating unit to fulfil the pledge of value generation by new technology and innovation, Sika has put a high effort to reshuffle the way of how new technologies are driven. Platforms encompass substantial new technologies that will impact many products globally. Several platform projects, which are based on one or two new technologies, were defined and rolled out on local product level. In order to bundle single projects to comprehensive solutions, Sika is now further developing platform projects that are going to be fully embedded in the organization.

With the platform concept the focus will be shifted towards an early involvement in new technological development with substantial global reach, optimized price positioning such as higher margins and economies of scale. A Platform provides the complete „umbrella“ technology from formulations to production technology to training and quality control.

In order to maintain organic growth and enabling landslide-innovation, the platform concept will be rolled out, where at this point 15 technologies will be selected at the beginning of 2021. Those platforms will be chosen by significance for the Group and will be reviewed by the Group Management as they encompass a large business case with a global reach and local impact.